Is Your Home's Insulation Falling Apart?

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Work with insulation is dangerous. When it's time to replace your insulation, don't put your safety in the hands of an amateur. The experts at Energy Allies offer professional insulation removal services in Middleton & Caldwell, ID and nearby areas. You can depend on us to quickly and safely remove your insulation, conduct a thorough inspection and sanitize your attic floor. After we clean your attic and remove any damaged insulation, we can efficiently install new insulation in its place.

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When should you have insulation removed?

When should you have insulation removed?

Sometimes rodents and birds can find their way into your attic. Then, they’ll destroy or contaminate your insulation. You can trust our attic insulation removal experts to clean and replace your compromised insulation for you. We can also remove insulation when:

  • Your attic is over-insulated
  • You’re ready to upgrade your insulation
  • You’ve experienced roof leaks or water and mold damage

Reach out to us today to learn more about our attic insulation removal services.