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Keep Your Garage Comfortable Year-Round

Your garage can end up feeling like an icebox during winter. But it can also feel unbearably hot in summer. To help keep your garage comfortable all year, turn to Energy Allies. We provide garage insulation installation services in Middleton & Caldwell, ID and the surrounding area and can upgrade your garage for you.

Our garage wall insulation is ideal for people who work in their garage or anyone looking to reduce their energy bills. Call 208-794-9380 now to schedule your garage insulation installation.

Benefits of adding insulation to your garage

Benefits of adding insulation to your garage

If your garage serves as a workshop, you’ll love having top-of-the-line insulation. In addition to improving the comfort level inside your garage year-round, adding garage wall insulation will:

  • Allow you to store temperature-sensitive items, such as paints and cleaners
  • Help prevent the water lines running through your walls from freezing
  • Add an extra layer of protection around electrical wires and cables in your walls

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